“The 10 Most Profitable Corporations In The World”

A few months ago I read a great article about “The 10 Most Profitable Corporations In The World” and then I wondered why it was not on the top 10 list. So I did some research and read it again. According to it, Monsanto is the largest corporation in the world. They control over 60% of the US corn supply, which is how they get their corn into our supermarkets. And that’s where Monsanto is one of the most profitable corporations in the world.

So you might ask, what is so special about Monsanto, the biggest corporation in the world? Well in this article I will try to tell you what makes them so special. Basically they are just a huge conglomerate that will do whatever it takes to make money and stay in business. They run all of their business operations and investments through the same place, the same people and the same practices.

This makes them very efficient in how they do things and also profitable because they make money when they make money. Now if this company was not so big and if it was run with the same ways that you would expect to see in any other big company then they probably would not be as profitable. But that is the way it is. How to make money at the very top is really hard, because it requires having a lot of talent and lots of money. Of course with lots of money comes a lot of competition. You don’t want to make the wrong move or say the wrong thing, you have to tread lightly in what you say and what you do in order to stay in business and make money.