Top 10 Scariest Things to Do in the Woods

If you can get past the sirens, and the dog that barks at night, and all the silly lights, and you don’t have to worry about any of the other stuff that you would normally be afraid of while hiking, then you might find that you are not scared of all the things on this list anymore. The top 10 scary things to do in the woods is often what people come up with. But, there are so many others out there that aren’t as scary. So when it comes to staying in a tent, staying in a cabin, or staying in a cabin that you own, I don’t think that you should be afraid of anything. The place that you are going will probably not be haunted, and you will not die of scabies if you get into a tent with someone that you don’t know. You should be fine.

There are some scary things to do in the woods in a different type of environment, and that is in a tent during a winter storm. You may want to bring some food and shelter and make a plan of where you are going to go if you want to escape the heat. In some of the parts of the country, it can get down to minus twenty or below during the middle of winter. That is very cold.

The summer seasons might be hotter, but there is not going to be as much snow. There is going to be rain, but it won’t be as bad. You could live off of your stove for a while and not go hungry. If you have a good tent and you live near a source of water, and you have a place to stay for the night, then you can have a real good time.