Joop! Le Bain Joop! Perfume

I know we’ve had threads in the past on the forums about scents that scent “golden”, nicely, this is one of them. Very nice and long lasting; sillage is robust at first, however settles to a more reasonable aroma. I own a few Joops now and thus far, I’ve been very glad with them. Le Bain is sweet for cooler weather; late fall, winter and maybe early spring. It’s additionally good for those cool, wet days whenever you just wish to snuggle up in a warm blanket and shut out the world around you. This fragrance has a batonkatonk.

It’s not disagreeable, however it’s so unlike another fragrance that I have tried that I am “on the fence”. Initially this can be very candy and barely plasticky. My son stated it smelled like “Play-Doh” and in the first jiffy I agreed, very much so.

The aldehydes give the scent a superb polish, a glowing champagne bubble top. Then the citruses come via. Smells like lemon soap at first.

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Hello, this is the first time for me to put in writing a evaluate. I simply purchased Joop Le Bain yesterday, primarily based on what you wrote here. I’m not dissapointed by it, it actually smells beautiful. I’m not so good at discovering the precise composition but at first spray i used to be afraid that it will not be for me. It is strictly my sort of fragrances vanilla based with a hint of almond and plum or cherry observe. A blind purchase for me but an excellent end result.

Not a lifeless-ringer, just a imprecise similarity. This scent holds none of those features. It is vanilla-sweet, virtually suffocating and it very a lot jogs my memory of that tree shaped air freshner referred to as “new automotive scent”.

I am glad that others have additionally seen it and it is not my creativeness. Sillage and longevity are reasonable but as this fragrance isn’t that costly, that is happy with me. I’m stunned jasmine get so little point out here, as that’s probably the most distinguished notice for me, together with vanilla and amber and a little bit of sandalwood and patchouli.

Le Bain & The Rooftop

It reminded of the Rose-Santal Kleenex they sell in India and Indonesia. I did not get any cherry, and that’s not a bad factor. At this level it also reminded me slightly, but not quite of Gaultier2. Then just as I went to clean it off, bam, that lower than agreeable top disappeared and I got the tonka-vanilla-amber-wooden heart. At this point I could see the comparability here and elsewhere to Bogart Pour Homme .

le bain

It’s not the first perfume I get after their critiques, I adore their channels. I will definitely refill on this magnificence. I enjoy it increasingly by the second, it is giving me something I didn’t even know I wanted.

Fresh and floral, soapy and clear, a nice early spring floral toilet water. I advocate this to fans of vintages, aldehydes, florals and vanilla. All of those accords are splendidly married in this fragrance. Le Bain is relaxed and leisurely, casual and perfectly fitted to daily.

For me there’s a fast rush of aldehydes and amber and it dries all the way down to a heavenly cherry-vanilla with a tiniest touch of cloves. Why I get these notes I do not know as they are not listed. The vanilla is delicious, longevity is also enough for me (6-eight hours).